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Moving Companies and Moving Services Utah, UT

Utah Moving Companies get free moving quotes and save 70% on moving services in Utah UT.

Professional Utah moving companies are ready to provide you with up to 5 free moving quotes competing for your business and saving you up to 70 % off your moving services. has pre screened hundreds of moving companies servicing Utah UT, these professional movers will provide you with a accurate moving quote and detailed list of moving services that are included.

Having multiple Utah moving companies bid for your business will empower you by being able to compare moving quotes side by side and giving you a clear understanding of moving charges and relocation services being offered by different moving companies and at what cost. also provides great moving tools enabling you to research moving companies servicing Utah UT, our moving company reviews are a terrific way for you to read other clients experiences with moving companies you might be considering. We also provide tools that allow you to verify any moving companies licensing and insurance qualifications.

Need storage in Utah UT, our moving companies can provide you with moving quotes for storage in Utah UT, and again by having moving companies compete for your relocation needs you can save up to 70% off their services. Our carriers can also provide Auto moving quotes for Utah UT, upon request as well.

Remember don’t just pick a mover and get the most professional moving companies servicing Utah UT, competing for your relocation needs to supply you with free moving quotes at huge discounts.

Utah was the 45 th state in the USA ; it became a state on January 4, 1896 .

State Abbreviation - UT
State Capital - Salt Lake City
Largest City - Salt Lake City
Area - 84,904 square miles [Utah is the 13th biggest state in the USA]
Population - 2,233,169 (as of 2000) [Utah is the 34th most populous state in the USA]
Name for Residents - Utahans or Utahns
Major Industries - oil, natural gas, mining (coal, copper, iron ore, silver, gold), steel-making, farming (cattle, sheep, dairy products), tourism (especially skiing)

Major Rivers - Colorado River, Green River
Major Lakes - Great Salt Lake, Lake Powell, Utah Lake
Highest Point - Kings Peak - 13,528 feet, (4,123 m) above sea level
Bordering States - Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming

Origin of the Name Utah - The name Utah is from the Ute Indians.
State Nickname - Beehive State
State Motto - "Industry"
State Song - Utah, We Love Thee

Dinosaur Fossils Found in Utah - Alamosaurus, Allosaurus , Amblydactylus, Apatosaurus, Barosaurus, Camarasaurus, Camptosaurus, Cedarosaurus, Coelophysis, Diplodocus, Dryosaurus, Dystrophaeus, Iguanodon, Iliosuchus, Marshosaurus, Nanosaurus, Nedcolbertia, Ornitholestes, Ornithomimus, Othnielia, Parasaurolophus, Rioarribasaurus, Stegosaurus, Stokesosaurus, Tenontosaurus, Torosaurus, Utahraptor

Moving Companies and Relocation Services in UT

Logan , UT
Ogden , UT
Orem , UT

Provo , UT
Saint George , UT
Salt Lake City , UT

Sandy , UT

Utah Moving Companies by County

Box Elder

Salt Lake
San Juan

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