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User Review

im shocked at the bad ones on this site, September 17, 2011
Reviewer: Dhoust from cincinatti oh to sandy valley nv - See all reviews by Dhoust

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i moved from ohio to nevada and i had a great move. they told me theyd come on the 1st or the 2nd, and they called me two days before to let me know i was moving on the 1st and that was good because i really wanted to leave on the 2nd. the movers were very helpful and gave me a break on the long carry from my apartment in ohio. i gave them pizza and then we went to the scale. i decided to do that so that i could pay my balance then and not worry about it later. my weight was 120lbs over but they said that they would have the office call me to check it out-- well when the guy called he told me that since i didnt add anything, i wasnt going to have to pay more- i was so greatful. i had my items stored for 2 weeks so i could find my new place, and although they moved my items into and out of storage before bringing them to me, all of my stuff was good, nothing was broken. the movers at delivery were also cool and set up all my stuff for me too-.

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