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North American Van Lines

Website :

LIC :   MC 15735 U.S. DOT No.070851

800 396 9115

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User Review

They never picked up my stuff, April 01, 2016
Reviewer: Kyoung1983 from Anytown, AT 55555 - See all reviews by Kyoung1983

Knowledgable Staff   
Customer Service Performance   
Accuracy Of Estimate   
Deliverd On Time   
Picked Up On Time   
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My things were picked up in Oklahoma and I moved to Pittsburgh. My stuff has not moved. It's been 10 days and the DRIVER NEVER PICKED UP MY THINGS. NEVER. No one bothered to mention that there was an entire shipment waiting for pick-up, they just let it sit there until I started bugging them about delivery. Now they have no idea when it will get there and don't seem too concerned at all that this happened. No one has said the words "i'm sorry" to me. This is insane. I'm living on folding chairs and an air mattress and they just email me and say, the driver never picked up your things, we don't know what's going on but we're looking into it. These people are UNRELIABLE and UNTRUSTWORTHY.

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