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Never Again, Apr 30, 2013
reviewer: Bolin8 from United States
We had a move from Dallas, Texas to Columbus, OH. Matt Makuza from Jet Van Lines came and looked at our possessions and gave us a quote of $2,450.00. When we said that he didn't look at the patio, he revised his estimate to $2,650.00 without even looking (he refused to go out and look at the things on it) The new estimate was fine with us. During his time with us, he also showed us a website that he was building (I thought it was unprofessional). We told him that we needed to get our things in Ohio by December 19th and Matt said that would be no problem if we moved out on the 10th of December. He told us that it would be 3-4 days and we would have our things. We scheduled our move on the 10th. Order number T367451 We tried to contact Matt from Friday the 7th through the weekend to find out when they were coming to get our things. We finally found out on Sunday that they were coming from 11-3 on the 10th (different then our agreed upon 8 AM start time with Matt. On the 10th, they did not show up until 4:00 PM and started to pack and move our belongings. They used wardrobe boxes which take up more space and we said not to use at all to save space. They did not finish until 9:00 at night (we were leaving right after our stuff was gone, which meant that we did not get on the road to our halfway point until 10:00). Matt had told us any unopened food would be packed (it wasn't which led to us throwing out 100 bucks worth of food as we had packed our cars to the brim before the movers got there) Then, they left over a dozen items that were packable (many of which I had to throw out as I had no room for them). Then the guy says that we went over 156 cubic square feet and that we owed them over $600 dollars more then the agreed upon price. At that point, I had to pay it because we needed them to get our stuff to our new house. The movers also left our house a mess with packing supplies and water all over the floor from our washer. We moved up to Ohio. On December 13th, I called Matt and left him a message. I called him a few times from my cell and finally he answered when I called from a different number (he was dodging me) Matt said that I had to talk to the operations manager Ron about when it would arrive. Ron told me that I had to be patient and the earliest would be that Friday and the latest would be early next week, the 16th or 17th. I called on Friday to get an update and they told me they would know more on Monday. I called on Monday and they told me the would know more on Tuesday. Finally on Tuesday, they told me that your belongings were going to get loaded up on Wednesday and then they would tell me when to expect my things. I called on Wednesday around 1:00 Pm and he said that they were loading our belongings as we were speaking. I called again at 5:00 and he said it was still being loaded and he would know more the next morning. We had told Matt and Ron that we were going out of town for the holidays on the 20th and that we couldn't take delivery until after. Ron said ok as it wouldn't be delivered until after the holidays anyways (A FULL 2 and half weeks after they took it) Finally, I called Ron on the 27th at 3:00 PM and asked when my stuff was coming in and he gave me the drivers number. The driver said that it was coming in the next day (no 24 hour notice like they had said before). I had to drop everything & drive out there to accept delivery. When the movers (from a contracted company) got there, they did not know the minuscule $125 dollar discount that Ron had given us for all our trouble. We had to call Ron and smooth things out again. Ron accused us of having extra storage areas that caused the increase of price, which we did not have. We then moved onto the BBB process and thats when the company showed its true colors. As we started to unpacked we noticed that around $350.00 worth of pots and pans and other kitcehn accesories were missing. We also noticed that they had broken a drawer on our dresser, broken a jewlery armour that was a present to my wife, and also several shelving units. We updated our complaint. They offered 225 dollars which didnt even cover the lost items. We rejected the offer after some thought. I wrote back a counter-complaint that said we at least need to be able to purchase the new pots and pans so we needed at least 350.00 dollars. They responded with childish remarks saying that "they hoped I keep changing my story and not getting my facts straight." I just want my pots and pans back or the correct money back. On top of this, they lied saying that the movers at the Texas Location told me that my estimate was wrong before they started putting things on the truck, when in fact they gave me the paperwork after the truck was loaded and showed me the new number. Ethics and honesty do not apply to this company, especially Mary and Ron who have been handling this case. Overall, the experience was terrible. We were promised a rate and it was nearly 25% more then the quoted rate. We were promised a certain delivery period, and we did not get it for nearly 2 weeks after the time. Stay away from this company and their practices.

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nightmare, Jan 09, 2013
reviewer: Jojo from Anytown, AT 55555
Please do not use this company they are thieves and liars especially the owner Zvika Haviv do not trust a word they are saying. They will promise you anything just to book you and at the day of the move everything changes .They add air space and then they charge you all approved by the owner Zvika Haviv.They are a small shady company .He ripped off everyone in Florida and then he moved to Dallas TX. Please do your research before you book withe JET VAN LINES.

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STAY AWAY, Dec 21, 2011
reviewer: LIZ from Texas
STAY AWAY!!!! They lie, they cheat, they are not reliable. I used them for a move from Houston to Denver. They lied about not using contract movers, they lied about how they would charge initially and they lied about what time they would arrive. 5-6 hours later than we were told they were anticipated to arrive the CONTRACT movers informed us that they were at another job and were only called 45 minutes before arriving to our place. Although the movers did pack quickly they did bump and scratch our front door. Were also told by our Jet Van Lines rep that he would charge the card on file that we had given them but when the movers were finished packing they requested half the payment be made in cash. They even suggested that they follow us to an ATM to get the cash. We never did receive an OFFICIAL cash receipt like they promised they would email to us. LUCKILY in the end we received our furniture in one piece in Denver but to cap it all off, the furniture was suppose to be stored in a storage center for a month but we received a call 3 days later after the move asking us where we wanted our furniture shipped. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? This company is totally incompetent and a bunch of crooks. PLEASE STAY AWAY and make sure you do your research as well. I should have checked the BB rating on them cause it\'s not ideal.


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Loss & damage with no response, Aug 31, 2011
reviewer: Rob from Chicago
Jet Van Lines outsourced my move without my consent to Moving Central based in Chicago. The following occurred during interactions with Moving Central: - The company contacted me at 6:00PM the night before requiring payment in an unusual method. Either postal money order or cash. The post office was already closed at the time. I had a cashier\'s check made through my bank, which is Federally insured and the method of payment is therefore as reliable as cash. When payment was refused, I had to walk to the bank about 1 mile down the road and carry an excess amount of cash. I never received a receipt for the cash and the Moving Central office could not identify receipt of payment until 72 hours later, after my calls. - The driver was less than interested in customer service. When he arrived, he was on the phone yelling at someone for about 5 minutes while I was waiting to lead him to aide in entry to my residence. He also was quick to hide damaged items and did not even mention missing items until I pointed it out to him when the crew was ready to leave. - Inventory was taken by the driver after he had already emptied the truck. I was never provided a complete inventory delivery list and received other people\'s possessions. I was asked to pay cash upfront before delivery and to sign the contract before the driver could leave. I did such, but made certain to expressly note on the contract that there were several items damaged and missing. The driver did not even have copies of what I was signing. He had to go to the front office of the condo to ask the my property manager to produce copies. I at first told him that I refuse to allow him to do such and I will go to Kinko\'s with him for copies. He ended up going to the property manager anyway. - A 120 year old chair was broken and the driver stated it as, "no big deal, insurance will cover it!!" I expressly stated to the moving crew in Texas the importance of the chair and was assured that care would be taken. I was absolutely insulted when the driver in Chicago asks, "How old is it? 10 years?" I have no reasonable estimate of the value of this item as it was an heirloom. A $1900 entertainment center purchased in 2001 has extensive cosmetic damage to it. A $300 microwave was placed quickly in the kitchen which had been severely damaged-- the door won\'t open and the surrounding metal frame is buckled. A $1100 TV is missing and was noted as not in their warehouse. I also experienced the loss of a $800 air purifier, damages to a DVD and a cassette player, surface damages to some wooden chairs, and damages to a pillowtop mattress. - I had contacted the Moving Central company requesting all documentation. I have only received a copy of the contract. They have failed to deliver all other documentation. When I did my diligence on Jet Van Lines and discussed my delivery with sales, I thought I was paying for a quality move. I did not realize that my job would be outsoured. It was further stated by the sales representative that Jet Van Lines would use its own crew from pickup to destination. This, of course, did not happen. I chose Jet Van Lines company based on their past ratings. Unfortunately, Jet Van Lines did not consider their past reputation when honoring their word or in hiring a third party. Based on some research I did after my move, the Moving Central company hired by Jet Van Lines went through a name change from Olympia Moving and Storage. Olympia had several unresolved complaints noted by the BBB and was rated as a D-. One serious complaint regarding failure to deliver was never resolved. This is the company selected by Jet Van Lines to represent it during my move. Jet Van Lines later provided an email which contained copies of the signed documents I was not provided. I never received originals. I was instructed to file a claim with Anthem Claim Management. Anthem, or Jet Van Lines, never sent me any written correspondence afterwards. I am now into 6 months after receiving my delivered goods and greater than 90 days since completing a request for reimbursement. Additionally, a storage fee of $400 was charged beyond the agreed upon binding agreement between Jet Van Lines and me. I estimate a total loss of approximately $4000 in relation to the move.


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