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Vegas to LA, Jun 19, 2017
reviewer: Marie Maya from Anytown, AT 55555
The moving team was above and beyond the best I've ever had. Both gentlemen were professional and hard working. I felt like they truly enjoyed their jobs and treated my belongings as if they were their own. I would definitely hire them again! Thank you guys for making this an awesome moving experience!

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Decent Expirience, May 23, 2017
reviewer: Jerry Fish from US
I used New Planet Moving to move 1 bedroom apt from the 4th to 2nd floor (no elevator), and I can't add that much more except 5 more stars. I got quotes from a few places in the area, also highly rated on yelp. My apartment was not a big move obviously. I was trying to do it on the cheap, so I just wanted hired help to move all the big stuff, as fast a possible so I'd pay as little as possible. Most places had a three hour minimum, or charged a stairs fee on top of it. Bookstore came out to be by far the cheapest, by a good $100. But more than that, the communication was prompt and easy, John and Ellis were really friendly, right on time, handled everything great, finished way before the stated 2 hr minimum, and offered to help move more things than I originally asked. That ended up saving me like 20 trips up and down the stairs myself later in the day. Overall, as good as advertised!

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moving, Dec 22, 2016
reviewer: Casey47 from Anytown, AT 55555
New Planet Moving and Storage moved me from Los Angeles, CA. to Las Vegas, Nevada. The overall experience was amazing, I really did not think that such a move could be performed so flawlessly. My first contact was with Lauren from the main office, she took down all of my information, and booked my move. They gave me a set time on when the crew would arrive to my home to begin the moving process, and an estimated window when we would arrive to Las Vegas, they absolutely kept within these times and I was absolutely shocked at how efficiently they worked. I really have only great things to say about this company, I know that it has been around for many years and I can definitely see why. Their customer service was outstanding dealing with many people throughout the move, not one gave me less than exceptional service. I wanted to post this review to let others know what a truly great company New Planet is and how they will truly get the job done right in a timely manner. Thank you again I appreciate all the hard work and for bringing me and family's belongings to our new home.

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Local Move, Dec 08, 2016
reviewer: Nancye from Las Vegas, NV USA
I recently contacted New Planet Moving to receive a quote and get a better understanding of how the process works, since this was my first time working with a moving company. I called a few other places before them and did not receive as much information or service from anyone else. Lauren from their main office immediately took my call and gave me a very reasonable quote based on what I was looking for, she was so helpful and friendly that I booked the move without thinking twice. The day of the move, went very well without any major issues, I moved locally in Las Vegas, and had quite a bit of furniture, the moving crew arrived just on scheduled time, they were ready to work and got the job done fairly quickly with the amount of stuff we were moving, I was expecting it to take much longer. The crew was all very professional and experienced, they handled everything with care. Before I knew it they had loaded my entire house into the truck, and we and we were on our way to my new home.

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Avoid this company if you value your sanity, Sep 25, 2013
reviewer: Arizona2Oregon from Oregon
This company gave an estimate of $6,300 to move my household from Arizona to Oregon. The estimate was based on an inventory of my house that they asked me to provide over the telephone. I went through every room and listed every major item and then the number of drawers, cabinets and closets. I inquired several times if they were confident in their estimate without actually conducting an onsite review and was assured that their estimating software was the best. I was also assured that I would be given a chance to watch the truck be weighed, get an empty weight and then watch the truck get weighed once filled and get the full weight so that I would be assured that any deviance from the estimate due to weight would be justified. Well, they showed up the day of the scheduled move and said the move with a truck already partially filled and said it would cost an additional $12,000 because there was more to move than I had provided in the inventory. This was even after I had moved roug


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