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Horrific experience, May 30, 2019
reviewer: Max from England
I contracted with Saunier Moving company in KY assuming that they would be the ones moving my entire household to FL. I had used Saunier's twice before and they were fantastic! The day before the move I was told that North American Van Lines would be moving my belongings. Driver was late showing up and he was by himself. Told all day that a crew would be coming to help. Had to leave to drive to Atlanta that day and he assured me everything would be packed and ready to go that day so that I could leave. I couldn't read his inventory. He said he would text that night when he was departing and never did......not a good sign. Had someone check on the house the next morning and he was still there, by himself. I had left gifts of beer and wine for realtor and friends and he took and drank it! Did not receive any of my property for 12 days, last day of contract. Everything that I owned was scratched and damaged or missing. Claims process is a joke. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY.

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Horrible Experience and won't reimburse for dining table, Jun 11, 2018
reviewer: Mchadha from Phoenix AZ
We hired North American moving company for our relocation. We would like to warn everyone not to hire this company for their house move or relocation. We had a horrible experience. Lots of our stuff was damaged in the transit, staff was very rude and mostly clueless. They did not even bother to notify us when they could not deliver on the promised date. We had to keep calling them to figure out where our stuff was. We now feel that we should have looked at all of their negative reviews before hiring the incompetent North American Moving company. So do your homework and due diligence hiring any movers. They were very expensive, and we thought it would be smooth and professional move as promised, but it was the opposite. We have moved many times before but never had such a bad experience and poor customer service (previous moves were through employers). Packing was horrible and done by inexperienced staff. They did not protect the heavy furniture. They reimbursed us after several months for small broken items but not for the dining table. They are saying they are not liable for the crack as it is weather related, even though it cracked during the move. They even sold us insurance and still will not reimburse us. People who came to deliver the stuff were shocked to see how the stuff was packed and handled. All the boxes were damaged and torn. We have photos to show their packing and how they handled our stuff. If you see North American Moving company, run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

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Estimate is a scam! Unprofessional, horrible experience!, Aug 24, 2017
reviewer: ALS from Bowling Green, OH
I have moved several times during the last 10 years. This is the first time I have used North America Van Lines. I did not check reviews and boy do I wish I had! Moving from Florida, a person accepts and expects that companies do things a little bit different. I provided an inventory list instead of having someone come out and give me an in person estimate. BIG mistake. My total cost was over 2x the original estimate, and I had less furniture than when I moved down a year before because I gave most of it away! My well packed and labeled boxes were crushed, plastic bins cracked and broken....horrible experience! DO NOT USE!

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NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!!, Mar 07, 2017
reviewer: A1L9F4R7ED from Anytown, AT 55555
If this is the way their drivers treat people, I'll NEVER choose a company which doesn't care about how their drivers deal with the public. One of their drivers was speeding down a residential street and ripped out the internet cable to my home. When I tried to chase the driver on foot, he kept on going. One of my neighbors aided me in the chase. Finally got the driver to stop and he got out of the rig. What's the problem? I told him he ripped out my internet line from my house. "Well it should have been higher than 18' I asked for his lic. & Reg. and he told me to F*@K Y%U got into his van and drove off. I called the co. and was told their claims would contact me within 24 hours. That was 3 DAYS AGO. Guess they don't care and about how their drivers deal with the public. I took photos of the driver and his license Plate P29318 Indiana plates. BEWARE OF THIS DRIVER...and this company.

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Damaged goods, Dec 30, 2016
reviewer: Southwest from Phoenix, AZ
I had my household contents/ goods shipped from Pennsylvania to Arizona. Some of the goods arrived broken and they would not make good on anything that they personally did not pack. So if they damage your table they will fix it, but if they break the contents of your box, then your on the hook for everything. I was very upset that they denied the claims submitted after paying more than ten thousand dollars for the move. Who can afford to have a mover pack up a full 4 bedroom home. Be aware !

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