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Highly Recommended, Nov 23, 2016
reviewer: Shelleykearns from Anytown, AT 55555
I had to move some very heavy and large appliances up two flights of stairs. Thanks to their crew I got this job done in one hour! Crew showed up on time and got the job done quickly and courteously.
Definitely would recommend them.

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Never, ever should you use Ocean Moving and Storage, Oct 10, 2014
reviewer: ParFour from Anytown, AT 55555
With no question, this was the worst company I�ve ever dealt with and the worst moving experience ever. I was simply looking to make a partial move from South Florida to Chicago.The move contained approx.15 medium boxes and 3 items of furniture.Not a big deal.I called Ocean Moving and Storage and had the �privilege� of speaking with Roman. He was quite personable, pre and post pickup. Roman provided a flat rate of $850.00.It took 30 days for the goods to get delivered.I was promised a delivery date on more than 2 occasions and took time off of work both times � only to be greeted with no delivery. When I called (to make Roman aware of this) I was placed on hold, told that I�d receive a callback, forwarded to Dispatch, told that Roman was out to lunch, told to call Roman in 20 minutes. You name it, was told it.Eventually,I called Customer Service,spoke with Laura and you wouldn�t believe what she said.Laura had the audacity to tell me that it was my fault.Outrageous.

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Terrible movers!, Oct 16, 2013
reviewer: Thomas1 from USA
We had so many problems with this moving company that I'm just going to highlight the biggest ones here. 1) They gave us a very low quote that wasn't even close to what the actual charge was. Since we had never used a moving company before we believed the low quote only to find out on moving day that the actual cost was 100% MORE than we were quoted. Of course we find this out after all our things are moved onto the truck (which took 12 hours with inexperienced movers who were disrespectful, unprofessional and left their trash in our apartment) and could not make other arrangements for moving. Bottom line is that the rep you talk to on the phone will say anything to make a sale (in fact, one of the movers told me this). 2) The movers who bought our things into the new house were more professional with one exception - they left all our boxes out on the lawn. One minute they were there and the next they took off without asking if there was anything left to be done. For some reason you

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Lord help you if you move with them, Aug 05, 2012
reviewer: Laura from Anytown, AT 55555
This is a straight-up scam. When Oren, the driver, arrived (a day late), he told us it didn't matter at all what Jessica, our sales person, had said. If we wanted our furniture moved, we would have to pay $600 additional dollars, and $150 of that had to be in cash (which went straight in his pocket). When we called Jessica, she said she no longer had access to our accountant, her job was to sell, and she had done that. She falt-out lied about when it would be delivered and the cost of the move. When we tried to talk to the dispatcher, he was extremely rude. Also, half of the total sum had to be paid in cash, which was news to us when Oren said that (Jessica, when asked, said she had no idea how the finances worked - not her job).
When they arrived, it was a driver in an unmarked 18-wheeler (it had been an Allied moving van, but that had used black spray paint to remove the name) and two 100-pound students from Kazakstan who never moved anything before. At least the stuff came.

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Best Moving Company!, Dec 05, 2011
reviewer: David from Tampa, FL to New York, NY
I recently used this company to move my belongings from Tampa, FL to New York, NY and I must say they are the BEST!!! First, they gave me a biding price based on my inventory list. On the day of the move the price did not change, they only charged me an additional fee for packing my TV and glass top table which I knew would be extra. They did an amazing job. The movers were curteous and friendly and most important - they were very professional. They knew what they were doing. My belongings arrived to New York a few days later. Everything was in great condition, there were no damages. I must say I have used other moving companies before and this is by far the best one. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking for a reliable moving company. Although they aren\'t the cheapest company, they are definitely worth the money! Thanks, Ocean Moving, for a great move!

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