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reviewer: Kchintal ch from Anytown, AT 55555
THIS IS A FRAUD AND A BIG SCAM COMPANY *** PLEASE BEWARE **** **** THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY **** INITIALLY THEY GIVE YOU A QUOTATION AND WILL AGREE WITH YOU AND THE QUOTATION DOESN"T MATTER, When they deliver the stuff to you at the destination they will demand for MORE MONEY and the WEIGHT OR ESTIMATE DOESN'T MATTER. THEY DEMAND FOR MORE MONEY TO DELIVER THE THINGS TO YOU OR THEY SAY IF YOU DON"T PAY, They THREATEN YOU SAYING YOU HAVE TO PAY $1500 MORE to REDELIVER YOUR STUFF............ THEY DON"T HAVE PROPER CHANNEL TO COMMUNICATE BETWEEN The CUSTOMER SERVICE, DISPATCH, SALES REPRESENTATIVE who given you the QUOTATION and the DRIVER who is DELIVERING the things. ONCE YOU DECIDE and GO WITH THEM, THEY DON"T Respond to your Email's and/ or your PHONE calls. WHEN I have decided to go with them they said my Estimate is based on Weight and they will be Weigh the truck before and after and they will never send you the weight after you LOAD your things to the truck and

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