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Terrible moving experience-Do Not Use! Sep 06, 2012
reviewer: Laura from Anytown, AT 55555
When my husband and I started dealing with National Van Lines, everything was great. We chose National Van Lines expecting the best service. Beyond the beginning, everything was atrocious. The loaders were extremely late on our move out day. We were told shortly after lunch and they didn't arrive til after 4:30. We had asked that they come as early as possible as we had to go on the road that night so we could make it to North Carolina for our jobs. We wanted to drive 6 hours that night and we were only able to drive 2. We were very disappointed. Our goods took longer than we expected to arrive. We were told Saturday, August 11 and we didn't get anything til Wednesday, August 15. The driver and mover were very rude to my husband at their arrival. They blatantly mistreated our furniture and we found boxes crushed and the goods inside also crushed and often broken. It was gut wrenching to open up boxes and discover so much of our stuff broken and mistreated. While the movers brought our furniture in the house, they dragged our wood furniture on the concrete, therefore scratching it all up and breaking some parts. Our furniture was taken apart without our knowledge and not put back together. We are missing screws on our coffee table and we can't find a replacement screw. The table is worthless. One of the movers fell into our bookcase and broke it into bits. He gave my husband $30 cash for the bookcase and the bookcase is actually worth $60. I have an ottoman that looked like it had ropes tied to it and heavy goods placed on top. The soft top is crushed and not repairable. We have a microfiber chase lounge that was dragged on the ground and has scuff marks on it that I cannot remove. They placed our couch long side up on the ground and got it dirty. Our Dyson vacuum cleaner was unloaded off the truck and dragged across the ground. My husband was alone the day the movers arrived and they were both coming and going so fast that he was losing track and getting confused. He would look one way and see our furniture being dragged, and turn around again to see our boxes being thrown on the ground and fragile boxes being stacked up heavy and high. There are so many other things that were mistreated, broken and destroyed. There is nothing more disrespectful as having things that we worked so hard for treated so terribly. Having our hard earned goods being trashed like garbage just crushed my husband and I. I regret to no end using National Van Lines. I wish I would have paid more and gone with United Van Lines, who I used twice before for cross country moves. My goods were treated with the upmost respect and care. National Van Lines took our hard earned money and goods and trashed them. I have told anyone who will listen to ***Never Use National Van Lines***! We have filed a claim and we know we will not be fairly compensated for the damage done. It is such a shame. Really, shame on National Van Lines for turning an already stressful situation to near unbearable. Well, you got your money from us and we are just another faceless and worthless customer. Just an absolute shame.

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