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Address:  4840 East Virginia Ave
State:  Arizona
City:  Phoenix
Zip Code:  85088
Contact:  602-459-1400

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Reviewer: Patti from Arizona

Picked Up On Time   
Deliverd On Time   
Accuracy Of Estimate   
Customer Service Performance   
Condition Of Goods   
Knowledgable Staff   
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I hired One World Moving of Phoenix, Arizona, to load a 26 foot U-Haul Truck on June 29, 2011. My moving experience with One World Moving was horrific from the very beginning. To make a long story short, the owner, Mitch Sweeney showed up at my house in a bad mood. Everything I asked him to do, such as shrink-wrap all of my furniture, he complained about. Mr. Sweeney and I had discussed, prior to my hiring him, the details of my move, including that I wanted all of my furniture securely wrapped, to which he agreed to. Hence, he shows up at my house with very little shrink wrap, and when I restate my wishes that I want all of my furniture wrapped, he throws a little �fit� (tantrum #1). I drove to U Haul and purchased the wrap (estimated cost of $20). I interviewed several companies before hiring Mr. Sweeney. Yes, I was looking for the most economical move. Initially, I hired Mr. Sweeney to both load and move my household goods via the U-Haul truck. However, a week before my scheduled move I informed Mr. Sweeney that I would only need him for loading. Mr. Sweeney did not voice any indifference to this change in our work arrangements. There was never a written contract. During the loading process, Mr. Sweeney's assistant spent nearly 30 minutes attempting to remove a wooden top from a table. The top turned out to be glued on, after the assistant having had removed most of the screws from the underside. When Mr. Sweeney and the assistant began lifting the table to load it, I asked Mr. Sweeney about the screws. He told me to bag them. I said that I wanted them put back; that his assistant removed them and they could put them back. This is when Mr. Sweeney threw tantrum #2 (cussing and swearing), stating that he had another job to get to. Further, this is when Mr. Sweeney stated his contention with the change in our work arrangements. Mr. Sweeney did a very poor job in loading my goods. Furniture and boxes were piled loosely into the truck without utilizing all the space in the truck. Furthermore, instead of using all the blankets to cover and protect my furniture, he just piled up bags of unused blankets and threw them into the truck. Please note, Mr. Sweeney stated before I hired him that he would have no problem fitting all my goods into a 26 foot truck. Mr. Sweeney must have underestimated the time required to load my goods, overbooking his work schedule. He was yelling that he had another job to go to. Refusing to unload and reload my goods properly, Mr. Sweeney walked off the job, unable to load the truck. Not only did Mr. Sweeney walk off the job without completing the job, he threw my bed frames into the garage, leaving boxes/furniture in my garage and near the street. During this tantrum (tantrum #3), he was ranting, yelling, cussing and cursing. My neighbors (both next door and across the street) heard the screaming and came over If the truck had been driven under these circumstances (i.e, furniture and goods loosely piled and not secured), my goods would have shifted causing a lot of damage to my goods. As it was, three pieces of furniture (2 antiques) that were loaded by Mr. Sweeney were damaged. Please note, I was left to hire another crew to unload the truck (which was 98% loaded) and reload it. The new crew reloaded the truck properly, fitting all of my goods into a 26 foot truck with room to spare because I never paid Mr. Sweeney, I do not think I can file a complaint for my losses. Furthermore, now living outside the state of Arizona, I do not see Mr. Sweeney compensating me for any losses I want to inform people looking for a mover not to use One World Moving. The owner is not reputable, has a very bad attitude, and lacks people skills.


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