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Picked Up On Time
Deliverd On Time
Accuracy Of Estimate
Customer Service Performance
Condition Of Goods
Knowledgable Staff
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Address:  1009 Park Centre Blvd
State:  FL
City:  North Miami
Zip Code:  33169
Contact:  (800)492 2419

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Reviewer: Cautious from Anytown, AT 55555

Picked Up On Time   
Deliverd On Time   
Accuracy Of Estimate   
Customer Service Performance   
Condition Of Goods   
Knowledgable Staff   
2 of 3 people found this review helpful

They are a scam company stay far away from them. They have multiple companies at the same address and have been raided by the FBI


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Reviewer: Adam from Pa WA

Picked Up On Time   
Deliverd On Time   
Accuracy Of Estimate   
Customer Service Performance   
Condition Of Goods   
Knowledgable Staff   
5 of 5 people found this review helpful

The purpose of this web page is to describe my experience with a moving company called Trans American Van Lines. I hope this information is useful to anyone who is considering hiring this company. There are several moving companies with similar names and addresses to Trans American Van Lines. The subject of this web page is the following company:

Trans American Van Lines, Inc.
17707 NW Miami Ct., Suite 6
North Miami, FL 33169
ICC: MC 455402
US DOT: 1111199 Phone: 1-800-492-2419
Vitale Zembel, President
Demitri Goliakov, Vice President

Trans American hired the following company to help them complete the move:

East-West Moving & Storage
1596 South 7th Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: 1-888-300-1990

Note: We purchased our boxes from Guardian Storage, but they did not move our belongings. Guardian Storage is not responsible for the condition of these boxes on arrival.
My moving experience
I hired Trans American Van Lines to move my family�s belongings from Pittsburgh to Seattle. They took two months to deliver our belongings after an initial estimate of two weeks. They loaded and unloaded our belongings twice and subcontracted with at least one third party to store and deliver the cargo, all without our prior knowledge or consent. They charged us nearly twice their initial estimate and we never received a weight certificate. Several items were damaged and one was temporarily lost. I filed a claim asking for a complete refund and they rejected my claim on false grounds, making preposterous claims without providing any evidence.

Delivery time
Trans American Van Lines picked up our belongings on Wednesday, June 1st, 2005 and the cargo was not delivered to our address in Seattle until Monday, August 1st. They gave us an initial estimate over the phone of two to three weeks (there is no mention of a delivery date in the contract). Throughout that time, I spoke with them by phone at least once a week and every time I was told that the cargo would arrive in another few days.

Trans American contacted me by phone on July 10th to let me know that the cargo was in Seattle, and we agreed that they would deliver it that night. When the truck arrived the movers searched for our belongings and then told us that they were not on the truck. I called Trans American the following morning and they told me that the cargo was in a warehouse in San Jose.

My family had to leave Seattle for the week of July 18th through July 22nd for my brother�s wedding, and we notified Trans American of this well in advance. They may have attempted to deliver the cargo in our absence, and that would have been their own fault. I spoke with them on the phone while I was out of town and they told me that my belongings were in storage in Seattle with East-West Moving and Storage.

When my family returned to Seattle I had to leave again on business. My wife called East-West several times a day for the entire week of July 25th through July 29th. At first they would not give her an estimated delivery date. Later they gave her the cell phone number for one of their drivers who told her that they could deliver our belongings �in the next few days�.

I returned to Seattle on July 30th and I called the driver. When he would not firmly commit to a delivery date, I told him that I was going to call the police and report that our belongings had been stolen if they did not arrive by Monday. The movers arrived Monday evening.

I believed that Trans American was offering us an all-inclusive service. The initial contract that I signed prior to the pick up date makes no mention of subcontracting to third parties. A more detailed contract was presented to me by the movers on the day of the move. This contract states that �Every carrier shall have the right in case of physical necessity to forward said property by any carrier or route...� (emphasis added).

I do not think that any of the employees that I dealt with in person actually worked for Trans American. The truck that picked up our belongings in Pittsburgh had a different company�s name and logo on the door (I do not recall the company�s name) and the movers were not wearing uniforms. As mentioned above, our belongings were stored and delivered to our home by East-West. When I confronted a Trans American employee with this discrepancy, he claimed that our absence during the week of July 18th constituted a �physical necessity�. When I pointed out that East-West was in already in possession of our belongings before that date, he then told me that Trans American has a standing agreement with East-West to use their storage facilities.

I expected that our belongings would be delivered straight from our old home in Pittsburgh to our new address in Seattle. The contract makes no mention of storage or unloading en route. Our belongings were unloaded and placed in storage at least twice, first in San Jose and then in Seattle. The storage in San Jose seems to have been planned from the outset without our knowledge. The storage in Seattle was the result of their ill-timed delivery after we had notified them that we would not be in town, as explained above.

No Weight Certificate
Trans American initially estimated that our move would cost us $2,000. They made this estimate over the phone, based on the number of rooms in our apartment. After receiving our belongings, they told us that we would owe an extra $1698 for a total of $3698. We did not receive a weight certificate when the cargo was delivered, so we are unsure if they are being honest about the weight.

Lost and Damaged Items
We packed our belongings carefully using several hundred dollars worth of boxes, bubble wrap, etc. that we purchased from a separate moving and storage company (Guardian Storage in Pittsburgh). When our boxes arrived they had all been crushed, as if from being stacked too high. (See photographs above.) Several dishes and other items had been broken or crushed. (Please note that Guardian Storage was not responsible for the move or the condition of the boxes on arrival. The boxes were in perfect condition when I purchased them. None of my complaints are directed at Guardian Storage.)

Based on their advertisements, we expected that Trans American would properly pack and handle furniture and other large items that we were unable to pack ourselves. (Their recorded phone message advertises that they will pack all of your belongings for you.) Many of the items that we did not pack ourselves were damaged. A metal table leg had been bent and torn off of a wooden table and an infant crib had several scratches. A baby swing was bent out of shape and rendered unusable. Many items had packing tape applied to them directly, leaving a sticky residue. We observed that the movers who picked up our belongings in Pittsburgh did not use the blankets and furniture pads that they had brought with them for most of our furniture.

A plastic filing cabinet was not delivered with our belongings. East-West later located it and I was able to pick it up from their office. They also delivered several items that did not belong to us.

Unprofessional Conduct
In their recorded phone message, Trans American advertises that their staff consists of trained and uniformed workers. The two movers who picked our belongings up in Pittsburgh were dressed casually and one of them wore flip-flops and an open shirt the entire time. The driver backed the truck into a tree when they arrived. Neither of them spoke English very well, making it difficult to communicate.

When I called Trans American, the staff members who answered the phone were never able to answer my questions directly. Sometimes they transferred me to a man named Demitri. When Demitri was not available they said that they would call back, but they rarely did.

Rejection of a Claim on False Grounds
I filed a claim with Trans American for the entire amount that I paid them on the grounds that I had unnecessarily delayed the start date for my new job and wasted two months worth of rent on an apartment. After considering the claim for two months they rejected it outright with a completely false explanation.

Their letter states that I filled out a �Long Distance Information Form� indicating that my earliest available delivery date was June 23rd, 2005. I never signed or saw any such form. I spoke many times with Trans American by phone before June 23rd and there can be absolutely no doubt that they understood from the very beginning that I wished to have my belongings delivered as soon as possible. I spoke with a Trans American employee named Alex on November 28th, 2005 and I asked him to fax me a copy of the Long Distance Information Form. I have yet to receive anything from them.

The letter goes on to state that my belongings were �already in transit� when I notified them that I would be out of town for the week of July 18th through July 22nd. This is also untrue. Demitri clearly stated that my belongings were in storage at East-West�s facility in San Jose when I spoke with him by phone. In the letter that I sent with my claim form, I asked for a complete account of our telephone conversations. Demitri had stated that they kept these records on file and that he could send me copies. I received nothing.

The claim rejection letter states that the maximum time for a coast to coast delivery is 21 business days, counting from the earliest available delivery date. In reality, the earliest available date was June 2nd. This means that they should have delivered our belongings by July 1st, well before the week that I was unavailable.


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