How To Move With a Toddler: 6 Important Tips

If you find moving to be stressful, younger children find it doubly so. Sudden changes in their routine, the environment, and the people around them are seen as challenges. Unlike adults who have already developed coping mechanisms, children are not yet emotionally developed to deal and cope up with these changes. A recent study showed a link between moving and depression in children. This makes it vital to ensure a smooth transition and a good experience for your child.

Even if you have already moved multiple times in the past, you’ll discover that moving with a toddler comes with unique challenges. Most importantly, you have to prepare your child for such a major milestone as this can be a traumatizing experience. Let them understand that they will be leaving their bed, toys, room, and friends behind, and that you’ll be moving as a family into a new place. The earlier they know and understand these potential changes, the easier it is for them to accept.

For toddlers, the idea of moving can be clouded with feelings of fear that they might be unable to process. Help your kids deal with these emotions by listening to them and involving them throughout the process. Keep your messaging positive and clear. Use music, books, or movies that can help children understand their emotions and the upcoming move. Show them that you are excited with your new place, new experiences, and new people you’ll meet. How you feel can have a major impact on how the children feel so make sure you are certain with your decision.

Here we discuss some important tips when moving with a toddler.

1. Inform them as soon as possible

As soon as you have decided to move, be sure to notify the kids. Provide them with details such as the exact date, details of the new home, and what to expect before, during, and at the time of the move. Describe to them your new place and give them reasons to be excited. By letting them know, they will feel involved and they have more time to prepare.

2. Start months ahead

At, we recommend starting the preparations months earlier than the scheduled moving day. Packing up with kids can be doubly difficult than when you were alone. Aside from the fact that kids have tons of stuff, you also have to deal your everyday life. You might not even notice how fast the days on the calendar are flying by. Starting months ahead allows you to pack up in a relaxed way and avoids cramming. You can also make necessary arrangements and adjustments in case anything unexpected comes up.

3. Make a moving plan

You need to have a detailed moving plan that involves everyone. Sit down with the entire household so everyone knows what to expect in the coming days, especially their tasks. Let your toddler help pack his/her stuff. Give him/her a colorful box as storage. Make the tasks enjoyable by giving out rewards after completing tasks or turning it into a game. Come up with a to-do list with minor tasks assigned to your toddler.

4. Get rid of stuff at night

Purge your valuables to reduce the number of boxes you’ll bring. However, try to pack or get rid of your toddler’s items at night. You don’t want them to see their well-loved toy being thrown away as that will surely make them cry. This can also make them feel negative about the move. And for sure, you know how hard it is to deal with young children.

5. Stick to your routine

Try not to disrupt your kid’s daily routine. For example, if you have a nap schedule or a regular play time, you should stick to them. Maintaining the day-to-day activities minimizes the feeling of fear. Once you move into your new home, try to establish the same routine to make the kids feel normalcy. The faster you regain this sense of normalcy, the sooner a toddler can cope up.

6. Hire childcare

Moving can be very chaotic with so many things happening. As much as possible, you should hire a babysitter on moving day. This will ensure that your toddler is safe and will also save you from headaches. Alternatively, you can enlist a nearby relative or friend to attend to your child while you are busy with the move. With someone helping you with the child’s needs, you can now focus on the various moving tasks at-hand.

Moving is a stressful experience but even more for kids. Since they might not fully understand and express their feelings, parents must be there to help them deal with these emotions. This makes it vital to plan properly and hire a reliable moving company.

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