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Choosing a moving company can be stressful and time consuming: but it doesn't have to be. Utilize our easy to use moving research tools to verify a moving company's qualification and integrity.

When choosing a moving company, you are trusting that moving company with the responsibility of professionally handling and safeguarding your family's possessions and then delivering them promptly and in perfect condition. ReviewAMover can help you receive moving company quotes from moving companies that are highly rated with the Better Business Bureau, fully licensed bonded & insured and that receive high moving company reviews.

Researching Moving Company Quotes:

Finding a moving company can be difficult having to get moving company quotes from 10 different moving companies or moving coordinators then researching each mover and comparing all these moving company quotes can take weeks and valuable time that you just don't have. lets face it moving is stressful and time consuming and if your like most of us time is valuable and in short supply, in just a few clicks we can have up to 5 moving company quotes provided to you by top rated moving companies that receive high moving company reviews . Each of your moving company quotes will be provided by a moving company that have been:

  • Verified for moving licensing and insurance through the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).
  • Maintain a good rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Maintain a minimum 4 star or higher rating from our mover company reviews section.
  • Have a published moving Tariff (verifiable rates for services) as mandated by the FMCSA.
  • Have verifiable proof of at least 3 years in business.

Choosing a Moving Company, There are a few things you should be considering in moving company quotes:

  • If they are a local mover can the moving company provide you with an in home moving estimate, if they are not a local moving company are their on line moving estimates binding to your items list?
  • What type of liability does the mover offer for damages, does the moving company offer full value replacement insurance if needed.
  • Are the moving companies your considering, independent movers or a van lines moving agent ( United Van Lines Mayflower Van Lines Atlas Van Lines ETC ) this can make a huge difference in the type of moving services you are provided.
  • Is the moving company you are considering, an actual licensed bonded moving company or are they a moving broker (third party moving coordinator ) this is very crucial to know before you choose a moving provider , there are a few reputable moving brokers that provide professional moving services however there are many more that are ill equipped to handle your move properly , also you have no idea on who is actually moving your possessions and if they are reputable moving company , this is why researching your mover is so important by reading our moving company reviews and using our moving company verification tools you can utilize other clients experiences with movers and their services to make an informative choice on a moving professional.
  • There are two kinds of moving company quotes a { binding moving estimate } and { non binding moving estimate } the difference between the two estimates is binding moving company quotes are binding to your items list and services agreed upon, meaning if the items picked up by your movers matches the items list you provided during booking your move and you did not request any additional services your charges remain the same regardless of the weight, however if your actual belongings exceed the items list you provided or you requested additional services that where not contracted for example packing, disassembly of items, shuttles etc the moving company is entitled to charge for the additional weight and or moving services at a rate that should have been disclosed during the signing of your moving contract: Get a list of the moving companies rates and accessories charges prior to contract so that there are no hidden surprises come moving day, non binding moving company quotes are based upon the actual weight and services that are preformed by your moving company once the items have been picked up and weight at a weight scale, the moving company will provide you a copy of these weight tickets and the appropriate charges for the moving services rendered.

ReviewAMover Can Help:

ReviewAMover can provide you with local and long distance moving company quotes as well as International moving company quotes, need to ship your Auto our professional Auto Transport quotes are just a click away; even if you already have chosen your moving provider our extensive moving tools can help you verify there services, find moving boxes and moving supplies as well as locate storage facilities or research for a corporate relocation.

ReviewAMover has done all the work for you. Let us show you why people are saying we are the number one moving company research engine by putting our moving tools to the test. Our commitment to professional moving and quality service is unmatched in the moving industry and we pledge to keep bringing our patrons the most state of the art and current tools so you ensure your getting the best moving company quotes while saving money.


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  • Do you check Moving Company Reviews before selecting moving companies?
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Reviewamover can help you finding all your answers related to Moving Companies.

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