Is it Worth Paying for Packing When Moving? Pros & Cons

Most of us have already experienced moving at some point. And you probably know how stressful, tiresome, and challenging an experience it can be.

Moving entails leaving your old home and neighborhood, re-establishing in a new and unfamiliar place, and handling all the tasks associated with relocation. But among all the parts of relocation, packing is probably the most physically draining and frustrating.

We tend to downplay and put off packing until the last minute. Often, we are unaware of how much stuff we actually have until we start to sort out and put them into boxes. It is only at this point that we realize how much work packing requires. With last-minute packing, we frantically put everything in boxes without any order.

Without properly packing your items, you could end up with a disorderly and messy relocation. Protecting your belongings is vital to avoid damage during transport. Packing your items requires time, patience, and physical ability. If you lack any of these items, you may need to consider hiring professional packers.

If you are still unsure whether paying for packing is a worthwhile expense, here’s a list of its pros and cons to help come up with an informed decision.

Pros of Hiring Professional Packing Services


Hiring professional packers can cut the time needed to pack all your stuff. When you avail of full packing services, the moving company will send in enough packers depending on the number of rooms, furniture, and belongings to box up. These professional packers can simplify

What can take days or weeks for you to complete, they can finish in a day or just a few hours. Packers are a life-saver if you are running on a tight schedule.

Prevent back injury

Packing is a literally back-breaking task. When lifting heavy boxes, furniture, and other belongings, you need proper tools and techniques. Even a wrong turn can lead to a back injury. Packing services can save you from potentially hurting your back.

Proper packing

There are proper ways to pack different types of items and professional packers know the best way to do it. They know the right way to wrap delicate china and glassware, how to disassemble furniture, as well as other cumbersome valuables like mirrors, appliances, and artwork. If you’re relocating a significant amount of fragile, expensive, or oddly-shaped stuff, enlisting the help of professional packers ensures that they are safe and protected.

Prevent damage

If your items are suitable packed, you can avoid damaging or breaking them while in transit. For long-distance moves, your valuables will be loaded on a truck and travel for days, increasing the possibility of mishaps. Professional packers ensure that they arrive at your new place intact and in good condition.


This is perhaps one of the best advantages of hiring professional packers. Packing services guarantees that your belongings are secured and they can be held responsible for gross mistakes.

Quality packing supplies

Professional packers use top-quality and proven supplies like boxes, tapes, papers, and wrappers. They ensure quality to avoid liabilities and to protect their reputation. By using quality supplies, your items will be kept safe throughout the relocation.

Pros of Hiring Professional Packing Services


Obviously, hiring professional packers would mean additional expenses. The cost of hiring packers can range from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the volume of belongings for packing. Some providers charge by the hour while others offer flat rate fees.

Trusting the packers

Some people are uncomfortable entrusting their prized possessions to other people. Meanwhile, others might not feel secure letting strangers into their homes. There is always the fear of broken belongings or theft when you let others handle the packing. Hence, you have to carefully choose your provider.

Lack of full control

For professional packers, time is essential. So, they will try to speed up the work. If you have special instructions like packing some items first or organizing your belongings, they might not be able to fully follow your demands. If you like to stay on top of everything, you should consider DIY packing.


Unlike self-packing wherein you can choose whenever you want to pack, hiring packers would mean following their preferred schedule. Usually, they already have previous bookings which you have to contend to.

Difficulty looking for reliable packers

Lastly, hiring trustworthy and reliable packing services can be challenging. While there are numerous providers nowadays, not all of them offer the same level of service and professionalism. You need to take time vetting prospective packers to avoid unscrupulous contractors.

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