Tips on How to Move Your Mattress

Moving a mattress might seem like a piece of cake until you're trying to angle it down a narrow hallway. The larger the mattress, the trickier it becomes, and before you know it, you're wrestling with a king-sized behemoth at the door, wishing you'd opted for a more modest size.

Jokes aside, the process of moving a mattress can swing from being a breezy walk in the park to a grueling marathon, and it all boils down to how well you've prepped for the task. Some people ace the mattress move in a swift 10 minutes, while others end up in an hour-long tussle with their bed.

In this article, we're set to share some killer hacks that will make moving a mattress—whether into or out of your home—a whole lot easier. Welcome to your treasure trove of time, money, and energy-saving mattress moving tips!" for the post

Moving a mattress basics

Like with any other physical choir, preparation is everything.

First off, you should find the right day to move the mattress. Don't think you can pull it off by yourself. Instead, contact one of your friends and ask him to help you out. Keep in mind that these items can weigh up to 100 pounds, so you'll start sweating by the end of it.

Furthermore, make sure that your partner is strong enough for this task. Otherwise, you're risking a muscle strain or a fall. So, it's much better to call your male friend than to rely on your wife or girlfriend for heavy lifting.

Once you've gone through basic preparations, it's time to measure the mattress. Make sure that it can fit through door frames and narrow corridors. If it's too big, you might need to get some additional tools to help you out.

The manner of transport will also affect how you wrap it. For example, if you're transporting a mattress on top of your car, you should previously put covers around it. This would prevent all the smoke and dust particles from getting inside. Otherwise, you'll have to wash it when you arrive home.

Advantages of transporting your mattress

Here are a few main reasons why you should carry the mattress to your new home:

  • If you decide to carry the mattress to your new home, you can easily set up the bed once you arrive. This will allow you to get a good night's sleep after arduous transportation. Even if you're too lazy to assemble the bed, you can still place the mattress on the floor to catch some sleep.
  • If you recently bought an expensive, new mattress, it would be a waste to throw it away. Some people need special brands to get the right support for their spine. So, instead of spending more money on the new product, you can simply transport the old one.
  • Most importantly, if you carry the old mattress, you won't have to waste time searching for a new product. This will be vital in the days following the relocation, as you'll probably be exhausted from all the physical work.
  • We don't have to tell you how important it is to keep the old mattresses if you have kids. Children get annoyed by just about anything and prefer being comfortable when sleeping. Just imagine how much stress you'll avoid with this simple move.

Disadvantages of transporting your mattress

Of course, transporting the old mattress isn't always the best solution. Here are a few situations where you want to simply leave it behind:

  • Some people bring their old mattresses to their new homes despite their poor condition. You might use it for a few months and throw it away afterward. In other words, you'll waste all this time transporting the object only to replace it in the following weeks.
  • Transporting a mattress is much harder than some people think. The object takes up a lot of cargo space in the pickup truck, and you might have to leave some other furniture just to transport it.
  • Mattress relocation can be a logistical nightmare. You'll have to spend lots of time packing it and waste even more time figuring out where to put it in a truck.
  • Although relatively light, this object adds to the overall weight of the haul. In other words, transporting a mattress isn't free even if you have already hired professional movers. The cost can easily add up when you move to another state. or country.
  • Sometimes, mattresses suffer enormous damage during transport. So, you'll spend all this time packing and transporting the thing only to be ruined during the drive.

What kind of equipment do you need for mattress moving?

Getting a few cheap supplies will make the move that much easier. You can find these products in any Home Depot or similar store. Alternatively, you can borrow a few tools from your friends.

Mattress bags for moving

Using a mattress bag is the simplest way to go about things. These covers can protect the object from water, dirt, and various pollutants. They're generally cheap, and you can find buy online for $10 to $30.

Wrapping a mattress for moving

Of course, you can always wrap the mattress in nylon. If you have some protective material in your home, you can simply cover the object and secure it with duct tape.

Straps for moving mattress

If you're planning to transport your mattress on top of a car, you should definitely get some ratchet straps. They can fix the object in place, ensuring it doesn't fall off. Straps can also help you if you don't want the mattress to tumble inside the pickup truck.

Hand truck or dolly

These tools are perfect for taking a mattress out of your room and bringing it down to the truck (or vice versa). Most movers bring dollies with them, so if you decide to borrow their tools, make sure to tip the movers afterward. Alternatively, you can easily rent a dolly at a nearby hardware store.

Using cardboard for stabilization

Unless you're transporting a large, sturdy mattress, you should probably use cardboard. This material is perfect for giving flexible products a shape. This will make it easier to put the mattress on a dolly and later in the truck.

Tools and tool bag

Some mattresses are attached to the bed frame. In these cases, you have to get them off before putting a cover. You might need a screwdriver and a wrench to finish the task. You'll also need a bag for all the tools, screws, and parts that you'll remove during disassembly.

Getting ropes and some tape

Aside from straps, you'll also need ropes and tape for securing a mattress within the cover. Ideally, you should find a wider tape that can cover a larger surface. Nylon rope can be used as an additional security measure.

Find a retractable knife

During the process, you'll need a knife to cut the tape and ropes. Having a reliable tool is crucial when unpacking, as it will allow you to get the mattress quickly out of the cover. Just take your time, as you don't want to damage the object when slashing the tape.

How to transport a mattress?

Here's a step-by-step process of putting a mattress in a bag:

Get all the supplies early

Make sure to get the supplies in advance. If you're moving during the weekend or holidays, the stores might not be open, and you won't be able to transport the product. This is especially troublesome if you invite a moving company or a friend to help you out.

Contact movers or a friend

If you're moving the entire home, you'll likely have to call movers. If you're only transporting the mattress, you can just rely on your friend. As previously mentioned, these objects can be tricky to move around. Even though they look fluffy, they are rather heavy, and you can easily knock down or damage other furniture during the moving process.

Make space to carry the mattress

When families move out, there is always a bunch of boxes lying all over the place. You can easily stumble on them when transporting the mattress. Also, make sure that all the doors are open and there's nothing else that can interfere with the transport.

Put on mattress cover for moving

Now that you've dealt with the precautionary measures, it's finally time to put your mattress in a bag. Before doing so, you should check the mattress and cover, as they need to be dry and clean.

Otherwise, your mattress might be affected by mildew. This is especially common when you move to Alaska or some other state with high humidity. Finally, put a mattress in the bag, close it, and secure it with tape.

Be careful how you're carrying the mattress

Ideally, you should carry the mattress horizontally when moving it from one room to another. This is vital when passing through narrow corridors and door frames. Even if you have a softer memory foam mattress, you can easily knock out lights and other furniture.

Put the mattress in a moving truck

If you're transporting the mattress with a truck, you must be careful that other heavy items do not squash it. Ideally, you should put the mattress flat on a solid surface and away from other objects. When transporting the mattress with a car, you should properly secure it with straps.

When the mattress arrives, make sure to wipe it clean.

Place the mattress in a storage

If you decide to leave the mattress in storage, you need to place it horizontally. That way, the box springs inside of it won't get messed up. Make sure to put the mattress inside a cover to avoid mildew damage.

Tips for choosing a mattress bag for moving

People often neglect the importance of buying the right mattress cover. This thin layer of polyethylene serves as the object's only protection during long-distance drives. Because of that, you need to find the right product for your mattress. Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

Will you reuse the moving mattress cover?

When buying a mattress cover, most people go with single-use items. But sometimes, you need a product that can be used several times over. If you or one of your family members is planning to relocate in the near future, it's much better to purchase a reusable bag.

They're a bit more expensive, but you'll quickly get your money's worth.

Do mattress covers for moving fit?

There are so many mattress bags on the market nowadays. Although they're generally similar in terms of appearance and materials, they can be significantly different when it comes to sizes.

So, when buying a bag, you need to measure the size of the mattress beforehand. Knowing that you have a queen-sized mattress isn't enough because there are some discrepancies between the models. For example, the same type of mattress can be several inches longer or wider.

How resilient is the cover?

As you can presume, expensive covers are usually much more resilient and vice versa. We always recommend that you go with the high-quality option, as there's no point in investing in covers that will rip somewhere along the way.

If you wish to know more about the mattress cover's durability, you should check its underlying materials. Polyethylene plastic is generally considered the best substance for this type of product. It's the optimal material for shorter and longer trips, and you can rest assured your mattress will remain untouched inside of it.

Where to buy mattress bags?

You won't have to spend too much time looking for mattress bags. They're basically available at just about any larger online store and chains that sell household items. Here are a few companies that sell these bags:


UBoxes is one of the biggest suppliers of moving accessories. As the name implies, they specialize in boxes, but you can also purchase lots of other items through their store.

Among others, the company sells bags for different types of mattresses. Aside from single covers, they also offer packs with several items, which are perfect for transporting several mattresses at once.

Home Depot

Home Depot doesn't need any introduction. It's one of the best places to buy covers, but also other transportation and home accessories. The wide selection of products ensures that you’ll find the right item for your mattress.


Like Home Depot, Lowe's is one of the most recognizable names within the home improvement industry. It's the perfect place for homeowners who are looking for special hypoallergenic bed covers. Unlike regular products, these items are much softer and provide extra protection against allergens and microbes.

So, after buying bags for transportation, you can also invest in a few other mattress accessories that will serve your new home.


U-Haul has a wide variety of items for moving. Besides mattress covers, they also offer covers for sofas, couches, and other furniture.

When it comes to mattress bags, in particular, they have covers for all types of products. This includes normal mattresses but also pillow-top mattresses. You can also find sealable covers ideal for mites, bugs, and various microbes.


Lastly, we have to mention Amazon's online store. As one of the biggest online, it isn't surprising they have a wide selection of bed covers that will fit most mattresses. The company's shipping policies make the purchase much cheaper than if you were to buy from the competitors.


Moving a mattress doesn't have to be a stressful and difficult task. With a few simple hacks and some careful planning, you can make the process a lot easier. Enlist the help of a friend or hire professional movers, use a mattress bag or plastic wrap to protect the mattress, and consider using a dolly or cardboard to move it. By following these tips from, you can ensure that your mattress arrives at its destination in the same condition as when you started.

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