Moving to Texas Guide

Texas, the Lone Star State being the second most populous state in the US, is awash with oil, cattle ranches, and desert climates, and you'd be saddling up ranchero style for plenty of action.

The burning question of whether should I move to Texas is quickly answered because, in Texas, everything is simply larger than life.

This guide should help you decide your move by gathering an eagle-eye view of the best of what Texas has to offer.

The Irresistible Attraction of Living in Texas

Why to move to Texas is quickly answered because Texas is a great pick. With vibrant cities dotting the landscape, Texas offers something for everybody, and for the record, you would have five fabulous reasons to move to places in Texas to live.

Sunny Weather

Warm sunny weather gives you clear, azure skies, short, sharp showers, and usually mild winters. Fall, winter, and the burst of spring are lovely to experience.

Deregulated Electricity

When you have a more competitive energy sector, the commercial electricity rate is a healthy 29 percent lower than the national average.

No Personal Taxes

Texas is a zero-income tax state and instead relies majorly on sales and property taxation to fund public services, schools, and health care.

Booming Economy

A robust growing economy, steered by manufacturing, aerospace, defense, and biotech, clubs Texas alongside California and New York, which together account for a third of the nation's GDP.

Affordable Living

An abundance of available land lowers home prices. The median price of a home, around $326,800, is below the national average of $388,800. If you want a reason to search for the best place to live in Texas, consider the advantages of budget-friendly real estate that guarantees a lower cost of living.

Factors to Consider Before the Move to Texas

Significant factors are prompting you to zero in on the best places to move in Texas, like low cost of living, plentiful job market, and outstanding recreational opportunities.

Deciding the best city to move to in Texas depends on what motivates your choice, and Texas offers so many options that you become spoiled for choice. Here's a breakdown that should help locate your dream destination.

Houston is one of the best places to live in Texas because of the sheer political and cultural diversity and ample job opportunities.

Dallas is among the best cities to live in Texas as it is home to some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies, coupled with a booming cultural vibe.

For the best city to live in Texas, Austin is a good choice because of its great startup and tech job ecosystem.

Trophy Club Texas is considered one of the safest places to live in Texas, with a crime rate 87 percent lower than the State average.

For a lower cost of living, Fort Worth is one of the cheapest cities to live in Texas, with throbbing cultural diversity.

If education is the priority, the best towns to live in Texas host famed universities like the Texas State University, University of Texas at Austin (UTA), and University of Houston, hubs of innovation and good places to live in Texas.

San Antonio is highly recommended as one of the most affordable places to live in Texas, with many outdoor activities.

When you compare the cost of living in Texas vs. California, Texas is more affordable because the average adult could budget food expenses at $3,177 in Texas compared to $3,792 a year in California.

Studies reveal that the living wage for an adult with one child in Texas is $59,652 compared to $83,917 in California. When considering living in Texas, pros and cons, Texas gives its residents more bang for their buck.

If you're wondering what is the cost of living in Texas, the average total personal consumption cost in Texas was $45,114 per year, which breaks down to $3,760 a month per person, as per 2021 data.

If a career change is in your mind, Texas presents a fascinating spectrum of choices ranging from agriculture, oil and gas, manufacturing, banking, and tourism like those below:

Texas generated more than $24.7 billion in revenues from Agriculture, chiefly cotton, cattle, and dairy products.

Texas, the largest oil producer, employs nearly 350,000 oil and natural gas workers, 37 percent of the industry nationwide.

Texas manufacturing sector has enormous employment potential, with 897,000 employees as of December 2021, drawing an average compensation of $93,726.93.

Preparing for Your Texas Move

You have researched the best places to move to in Texas and are about to enter one of the most diverse states in the US.

You are on the verge of a momentous move, and nothing should go amiss, so here's a checklist that will make you move like a pro. The moving process is detailed stepwise so you stay focused and remember the most minor things.

Pick a morning, a weekday, and off-season months to keep the move affordable.

Budgeting for the distance is a priority. Moving less than 100 miles could cost you roughly $80 to $100 on an hourly rate. Distances exceeding 100 miles cost you around $ 2,000 to $ 5,000.

Hiring a reputed moving company saves you many headaches. Organize your friends and family to help pack and load the stuff while the movers can drive and unload at the new home.

Prepare a listing of your domestic assets, including even the smallest item, and measure your furniture to know precisely how items fit the new home—declutter and dispose of the excess items.

Once inventoried, buy or rent moving blankets, packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, and colored markers to protectively wrap the articles before moving. Ensure to label all boxes and items, clearly identifying the destination room.

Separate the valuable items and important documents in a specific box that will never leave your presence.

Announce the change of address to all utility companies both at the old home and your new destination so that your access to essential services will continue uninterrupted by the intended day.

Making the Move to Texas

There are essential things to know and do before moving to Texas and several bureaucratic hurdles to leap over.

Register your vehicle through the Texas DMV and apply for a new driver's license and vehicle plate. Update and validate your car insurance papers.

Use the US Postal online service or go to the local post office and notify the change of address, reminding them to redirect mail to the new home.

The Texas Department of Public Safety will help update your driver's license.

Remember to notify your old voting jurisdiction to take you off their voter roll. Next, register your voting rights in your new area by applying to the Texas Secretary of State.

If you are planning to drive the limited access freeways, you must update your account on the TxTag website to pay toll bills.

If you have kids, use the Texas Education Agency website to locate a suitable public school or charter school where you live.

Adapting to the Texas Lifestyle

Texas ladles it out by the barrel when it comes to unstinting hospitality, generosity of spirit, love of food and music, and even the rollercoaster of politics. Five traits clearly define the Texas lifestyle.

Texas is proudly Number 2 nationwide in diversity. The Mexican influence is strong, and you'll find Hispanic and Latino cultures speaking English and Spanish fluently. The majority of the new and growing Texan population are people of color.

People are moving to cities in enormous numbers because that's where the big jobs are. Cities like Houston, Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio are growing fast with booming immigrant populations.

Texas, a melting pot of cultures, means you can expect a dazzlingly diverse cuisine. From steaks, fries, and tacos to quail and smoky barbecues, your plate will overflow with authentic food and fresh variety.

Owning and driving a car is a priority because Texas lacks extensive and reliable public transportation. Distances between neighborhoods are stretched, and traffic in cities is heavy. So be prepared for long commutes.

There is a grandeur to the Texan larger-than-life personality. Very hardworking and people proud of their state but also down to earth and friendly, get used to being hugged and backslapped frequently.

Remember that “Friendship” is the state motto, so get ready to grapple head-on with its people's bold, beautiful, and distinctive vibrancy. There’s an energy to Texan art scenes, a uniqueness that showcases its cowboy culture, and its diversity that makes a move to Texas something to look forward to.


Texas is a vast and abundantly resourced state with fantastic natural beauty, a thriving job market, and an affordable cost of living.

Enjoy the advantages of an income tax-free country and a deregulated energy market. It's a people-friendly state that prides itself on its great historical legacy and heritage.

Our guide on moving to Texas will help you frame the right expectations about life in Texas. Moving itself is a massive challenge as you prepare for a new environment emotionally and physically. Our tips will make your move to Texas easy and stress-free as you chart new horizons.

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