Piano Moving Prices Explained: Why It's Expensive?

A great source of entertainment, the piano is a mainstay in many American homes. Usually, these valuable and well-loved instruments are inherited as heirloom pieces, which make them priceless. So, when it’s time to move, you want to make sure that it is handled properly by professionals.

When you think about the costs of hiring professional movers, you might be tempted to just do it yourself. Although you can save with DIY moving, it entails many risks—including damaging the piano.

Professional piano movers are trained and experienced with this task. They use the right techniques, tools, trucks, and other transportation methods to ensure that the instrument is protected against any potential damage during the transportation.

According to Home Advisor, the average price for moving a piano is between $150 and $1,000. If you’re relocating a grand piano within the state, be ready to pay around $500. But the rates are not fixed. For example, moving a luxurious concert model grand piano within the same distance might cost you up to $3,500. These expensive models require extra security, insurance, and more delicate packaging and transport.

What Factors Affect Piano Moving Costs

Setting a moving budget can be quite tricky as many factors can affect the price. Getting familiar with these factors can help you find ways to lower the shipping cost.

Dimension and type

The size, weight, and type of piano can greatly influence the moving price. Quite obviously, bulkier and heavier pianos cost more to move because of the manpower needed, plus equipment, crating, and even the disassembly of the piano.

Relocating a grand piano, which usually weighs around 600-1,200 pounds, is perhaps the costliest because of its unique shape and large size. Maneuvering the piano around the home and loading it onto the truck is a challenge. Meanwhile, other piano types such as large upright pianos can weigh around 700 pounds and upright pianos around 400 pounds.

Experts at Torex piano moving company from Toronto emphasize the importance of knowing the exact dimensions of a piano to get a more accurate piano relocation cost estimate. Usually, piano movers are familiar with different piano types and models, so you simply need to provide them with the model.


Aside from the dimension, the distance also has a direct influence on the piano moving cost. Definitely, there will be a huge difference if your piano is moving within the city, to a nearby town, and across the state. Long-distance and international moves are the costliest.

In general, the farther the distance, the higher the moving cost will be as there will be very different expenses, such as fuel, time, etc.


The level of difficulty of the project can affect the moving cost. For example, if the project involves certain obstacles, such as stairs, tight spaces or corners, or a narrow corridor, the movers will need more time, equipment, and manpower to maneuver the piano out of your home. Simple moving projects without any obstacle cost cheaper.

Professional moving companies will usually charge additional costs if moving a piano along stairs or a staircase. They can charge either on a per-step basis or per staircase basis. Usually, the mover will visit the site to check for any potential inconvenience that might require specialized equipment.

Other Related Piano Moving Costs

Aside from these main factors, there are other extra costs related to piano moving. Here are some additional services that can add up to the overall piano moving price.


As mentioned above, some piano types (particularly the bulky ones) need to be dismantled to ensure safe transport. This might cost you an additional $100.

Specialized Packaging

You want to protect your piano from possible dents, scratches, or damages. Customized wooden crates, cushions, or foam are necessary to ensure maximum protection. However, this might come for an extra cost that can range between $500 and $1,000.


In case of tight hallways, stairs, or doors, the movers might recommend hoisting the musical instrument through a window. This requires renting out specialized hoisting equipment.


Scheduling your piano moving project can also influence the cost. Urgent or emergency moves would cost you twice as much as the regular cost. As such, it is best to book an appointment well in advance.


Luxurious, heirloom pianos can be very costly to ship because of the insurance. Usually, professional moving companies provide insurance coverage but are limited only to $5,000. If your piano costs more, you might need to get supplemental insurance to ensure its value is fully covered in case of any mishap during the move.


This extra expense can cost you around $100-$150. During the move, the piano might sustain unavoidable shocks and vibrations. This might affect the internal mechanics and its sound quality. As such, re-tuning is necessary after the relocation.

These are some additional considerations that make piano moving costs expensive. You can negotiate with the professional moving company to include some of these items as freebies. You can also compare their services with other providers. This way you can make the most out of your money.

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