What Is The Least Expensive Way to Move Long Distance?

Long-distance moves require careful planning. Whether you are moving to another state or another country, an unplanned move can be expensive. With so many things to consider, it’s often easy to lose track of expenses. Inexperienced homeowners often end up paying more than expected.

In order for your move not to turn into a disaster and break your bank, you need to take a careful approach to several details. Even though it may seem like the move is looming, you still have sufficient time to do some planning.

Let’s take a closer look at the ways to save money when planning a long-distance move.

1. Higher Local Movers

Even if you are planning to move out of the country, you can still get the best deal with the local movers. In your case, local movers are the company that works out of the location you are moving from.

These movers won’t charge you extra for traveling to your pick-up location. They are usually easier to negotiate with. Meanwhile, you gain an opportunity to research local reviews, visit their office, check out their equipment, and much more.

Take the time to evaluate several local movers in your area in order to get the best quote. Remember, if you need to move out of the country, movers may need to get special permissions. That’s why the faster you start looking, the smoother the process will be. If you are moving on your own, you would still need to obtain the necessary moving permits.

2. Save on Packing Materials

No matter how small your move is, it’s easy to spend a fortune on packing materials. Durable boxes can be expensive. If you want to save money, consider getting boxes for free. Some of the places where you can find free boxes include:

  • Local stores – choose liquor stores because their boxes are extremely durable since they need to hold bottles.
  • Craiglist – on this website, you can find free boxes virtually anywhere. All you have to do is look.
  • Starbucks – if there is a Starbucks in your town, you are in luck. They work with all types of boxes for their supplies. At the end of the day, they are likely to share.
  • U-Haul – these guys allow their clients to exchange boxes. It’s usually easy to find numerous boxes absolutely free. Check out U-Haul Box Exchange.

When taking advantage of free boxes, check them out thoroughly. Since these boxes have been in use before, not all of them are completely intact.

Besides boxes, take advantage of the stuff you already have to do the packing. For example, use blankets, linens, sheets, and towels to pack fragile items.

3. Pack Yourself

While moving companies offer high-quality packing services, they tend to be expensive. If you have sufficient time for self-packing, take advantage of it. With the right approach to packing, you can get the job done without disrupting your plan.

You can either pack one room at a time or pack similar items together. Whatever works best.

4. Choose the Best Time for You Move

If you plan to move during the busy moving time, be ready to pay more. To save some money, you have to add a little flexibility to your plans. The busiest moving time in the majority of cities is:

  • Summer
  • Weekends
  • Holidays

If you schedule your move between October and May, avoid national holidays, and pick the middle of the week, you are likely to see a much lower price tag. Additionally, you need to book moving services as early as possible. The closer to the moving date you get, the harder it will be to find a mover at a reasonable price.

The Takeaway

While planning a long-distance move may seem tough, you can do it one step at a time. With careful planning and budgeting, it’s possible to move across the state or out of the country without breaking the bank.

By choosing the right movers, getting sufficient assistance, and being smart about packing, you can get the job done quickly. Take the time to plan a moving date. Moving during the off-peak season and hours can reduce your expenses significantly.

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